Sweet N Healthy

Wipro’s Sweet ‘n’ Healthy is a brand dedicated to ensuring you make no compromises in your taste, health and lifestyle. It provides you with the advantage of a sweeter, healthier tea that’s made just right without worrying about adding extra calories. It’s the best supplement for your regimen, supporting your diet and physical exercise routine. It’s Launched in 2007 in 2 variants Aspartame & Sucralose. Aspartame is basically a protein derivative where as Sucralose is derived from Sugar.


The great taste of Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Aspartame can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The low calorie sugar substitute makes staying in shape a healthier affair as it’s made from Aspartame, a protein derivative approved by the WHO, USFDA and many global food and drug authorities.

Each tablet packs the sweetness of a spoonful of sugar, but only 2% of the calories. In this case “less” is definitely more.

SWEET ‘N’ HEAL THY SUCRALOSE- Counting Calories the Sweetest Way.

One tablet of Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Sucralose is as sweet as a teaspoon of sugar minus the calories. It dissolves completely in boiling water so that you don’t have to wait for the tea to cool down. Additionally, the tablet doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste so you can truly relish your daily cuppa. In the making of all foods, be it desserts or drinks, cooking or even simple additions, Wipro Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Sucralose complements other ingredients perfectly, with its taste of natural sugar.

Sweet ‘n’ Healthy Sucralose is perfect for diabetics because it does not affect insulin levels. It’s low in calories, hence there is little impact on your blood glucose and because it tastes like natural sugar, you can savour a dessert, just the way it’s meant to be savoured.