Santoor Fragrances

Santoor Talc

Santoor talcum powder is a 24 years old brand with Sandalwood extracts. With its Sandalwood fragrance, it keeps you feeling fresh and fragrant all day long. Santoor talcum powder leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, enhancing its beauty. Use this powder daily to look young and feel young.


Santoor Deo

Designed for the woman of today, Santoor deodorant brings out the unique personality of every woman with youthful fragrances such as lily of the valley and Exotic florals. Santoor Deo`s unique formulation of triclosan controls body odour and delivers a long lasting fragrance, keeping you ready to take on life.

Santoor deo is available in 6 fresh variants:

  • Grace: Its long lasting fragrance of exotic flowers offers a revitalizing fresh feeling.
  • Magic: Exotic scent of Lilly of the valley and Amber keeps you fresh all day long.
  • Poise: Exotic long lasting floral fragrance with multi floral active gives you the confidence to remain active all day long.
  • Gold: Artistically formulated for special occasions to make you feel special. The exotic scent of vanilla and Amber keeps you fresh whole time.
  • Elegance: A delicious blend of white floral bouquet notes .Its exotic scent compliments own fragrance and makes you feel as a flower all day long.