Safewash Fabric Conditioner

Keep your clothes soft and fragrant… all day.

There’s nothing like fragrance that brings cheer and lifts spirits. And no better way to experience than Wipro Safewash. It is available in two delightful variants: Ocean Breeze and Garden Bouquet.

Touch-induced all-day fragrance

Ordinary conditioners tend to lose fragrance continuously in storage, reducing the impact when you actually wear your clothes. Safewash encloses fragrance in encapsulated crystals, which stay on the clothes even after rinsing and drying. Fragrance is released in bursts when clothes come in contact with your body, thus offering you a whole day of fragrance when you need it most.

Get the new look

Who doesn’t want clothes to keep the fresh, new look? Safewash comes with an advanced formulation that retains the fresh look of your clothes. So you enjoy the newness of your clothes for so much longer.

Soft and Shiny

Typically most clothes after wash have an element of coarseness about them due to harsh action of detergents or hard water. Safewash, with its active conditioning agents keep your clothes soft and shiny, keeping you comfortable all day long.

Banish the bacteria

Safewash comes with anti-bacterial protection. This safeguards your clothes against germs, reducing your vulnerability to harmful bacteria and keeps you healthy.