Chandrika Soaps

For more than 75 years, Chandrika has been the beauty secret of millions of women the world over. Today, it is one of the most trusted brands in South India, with its pure Ayurvedic ingredients known to cure skin problems and give Clear, Flawless skin, naturally. Made with 85% pure coconut oil and authentic Ayurvedic tailas, Chandrika is safe and effective.

A little on the legacy of Chandrika – Chandrika is the world’s first Ayurvedic soap and was launched in 1940 by C R Kesavan Vaidyar, an Ayurvedic practitioner from Irinjalakuda, Kerala. He had the breakthrough idea of using real ayurvedic ingredients in daily use products such as soaps. After years of research, he developed a fantastic product which was safe, and protected consumers from skin problems. He called it Chandrika.

The brand was positioned as a good family soap and consumers loved the fresh fragrance and the skin protecting ayurvedic benefits of the brand. Popularity spread through word of mouth and Chandrika soon became a household name. As the years passed, Chandrika gained strong traction in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and in other parts of the country as well.

Based on Chandrika’s equity and potential to grow, Wipro acquired marketing rights for Chandrika in 2004. In the last 10 years, Chandrika has grown to become the leader in the Natural Soap space in Kerala and a significant brand in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Chandrika Original Soap for Clear, Blemish Free Skin

This is Chandrika’s iconic Ayurvedic soap. Regular consumers swear by the efficacy of the soap. Chandrika is the only soap in the world which has such a high level of food grade coconut oil. The soap formulation has not changed since 1940 and it is still made by hand, mixing coconut oil with all the other ayurvedic tailas like Palmrosa Oil, Lemon Peel oil, Sandal Wood Oil, Wild Ginger Oil, Orange Oil and Patchouli Oil. With regular use Chandrika protects from common skin problems like Pimples, dark spots, rashes, pigmentation etc. The result – Clear Blemish free skin, naturally!

Chandrika Glycerine Bathing Bar for Clear, Soft Skin

Chandrika Glycerine’s uniqueness is in its revolutionary formulation which brings together the authentic Ayurvedic goodness of Chandrika with softness of Glycerine to give dual benefit of Clear & Soft Skin. Its exceptional blend of Glycerine and 7 Ayurvedic Skin Improvers gently cleanse skin and improve quality to make it clear and soft.

Chandrika Sandal Soap for Clear, Glowing Skin

With its Unique Ayurvedic formulation and 7 essential oils, Chandrika Sandal soap keeps your skin Healthy & Beautiful. It has active ingredients like sandal wood oil and saffron oil that nourishes your Skin from within to make it Clear & Glowing.