Wipro Consumer Care

Wipro Consumer Care business includes soaps, toiletries, personal care products, baby care products, wellness products, electrical wire devices, domestic and commercial lighting and modular office furniture. We have a strong brand presence with significant market share in identified segments. In addition, we have a strong presence in the personal care and skin care products market in South-East Asia and Middle-East.

Wipro Consumer Care (WCCLG) is today among the top FMCG companies and amongst thefastest growing FMCG companies in India. It has presence in over 40 countries with over 8300 employees worldwide. It has 8 production plants in India and 7 overseas. Besides India, the business has significant presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Middle East.

Wipro Consumer Care organic growth has been led by growth in toilet soaps, domestic and institutional lighting and office furniture. It has gained Global footprint with acquisition of Unza, Yardleyand LD Waxsons. The key brands include – Santoor (a Toilet soap brand with extensions in talcum powder, Handwash, Facewash, Body Lotion, Baby Soap and Shampoo), Chandrika soap, Glucovita Glucose powder, Northwest Switches, Enchanteur (a female toiletry brand), Romano (a male toiletry brand), Bio Essence (a skincare brand) and Yardley (a luxury toiletry brand).