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Wipro Baby Soft - Knows Baby, Understands Mummy 

Wipro made its foray into the baby category in the year 1991 with Milk & almonds baby soap as the first in this line. Later feeding bottles were launched. In the year 1998 the Baby Soft logo was launched followed by an expansion in the category with the launch of diapers and Wipro’s range of products for complete baby care.

The responsibilities of a mother aren’t easy. Wipro Baby Soft understands the needs of a mother and offers a complete baby care range of products. The endeavour of Wipro Baby Soft is to give mothers the opportunity to give the best quality products for their babies. The Wipro Baby Soft range includes soaps, powder, baby oil, nappies, diapers, feeding bottles and other accessories. Two soaps to choose from include WBS Saffron & Milk of Almond baby soap and the WBS Tulsi & Almond Oil soap, both designed to ensure healthy, beautiful skin for your little one. 

WBS Saffron & Milk of Almond soap is enriched with the goodness of milk of Almonds and Saffron. It nourishes the baby’s skin and keeps it glowing and beautiful. Almond milk is rich in calcium, vitamins A, D & B2. This soap has the right Ph balance, a mild perfume and no added color. All the ingredients make it a gentle soap.

WBS Tulsi and Almond Oil Soap is enriched with the goodness of Tulsi and Almond Oil to keep baby’s skin soft and beautiful. This soap has the right Ph balance and a new stronger baby fragrance. The ingredient of the soap Tulsi has anti-bacterial properties, which prevent the baby from skin infection whereas Olive oil an excellent emollient helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture. Ayurvedic practice recommends Tulsi in several formulations to enhance immunity and metabolic functions . Almond oil is a great moisturizer suitable for all skin types. Not only does almond oil help protect the surface of the skin, but has great value to act as an emollient, skin soother and softener.

WBS Powder is enriched with olive oil to nourish baby’s skin and keep it soft, smooth and gentle. Wipro Baby Soft powder has got a Gentle Baby perfume and is made as per strict quality standard to keep it safe and gentle for baby. It is made from platelet grade talc, which does not block baby’s pores. The container is specially designed with no edges and both Talc & container are sterilized before packaging. WBS Powder is available in 50g, 100g and 200g SKU’s. 

WBS Baby Oil is pure smooth and gentle. A gentle application of Wipro baby soft baby oil stimulates baby’s senses helping her become alert to your touch and feel. Wipro baby Soft Baby oil contains olive oil and Vitamin E that keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth. The belief that olive oil conferred strength and youth is widespread. Wipro Baby soft Baby Oil is packed in Premium PET container and has an easy to use flip top cap- both the container and oil is sterilized before packaging. Wipro Baby soft Baby oil is available in 200 ml, 100ml and 50ml packs.

When identifying the best disposable diapers, many factors come into play: Absorbency, fastener quality, fit, affordability and most importantly, resistance to leaks. We have two variants of Diapers – Cloth Feel Diapers & Dry care Diapers. The diapers are imported from Malaysia. Wipro Baby Soft is known for their nice fit and very high quality.

WBS Diapers have a unique Super Gel absorbent system which quickly draws moisture deep into the diaper. It keeps the baby’s skin dry & comfortable. The soft feeling- cotton touch inner cover has been specially designed for baby’s sensitive skin. Properly combined fluff and anti bacterial absorbents allow maximum protection against stuffiness & rash. WBS diapers are contoured and elasticized for a snug, comfortable and leak proof fit for your child. The unique baby shape and design makes them easy to use. Stretchy waist and legs hold it all snugly yet softly and contain everything very well. The wings can overlap to fit even thin babies, or adjust them wide for chubby babies. Wipro Baby Soft Diapers are best when it comes to Leak guards, dryness and fastener quality. WBS diapers come in four sizes viz. Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large to fit newborns and babies up to eighteen pounds. Complete range is available in pack of 2s,6s, 12s, 28s & 48s to suit the usage needs. 

Wipro Babysoft Nappies are Imported from the best manufacturing unit in China. Improved quality and Super Absorbent Polymer, which is available in Diapers, keeps your baby’s skin dry and free from rashes. Wipro Baby Soft Nappies come with an improved stick on tape.  

Wipro Babysoft Feeding bottles and accessories are made from the best food grade polycarbonate and polypropylene materials. Print on Bottle is from Non-Toxic inks. WBS feeding bottles come with a strainer cup which prevents the nipple hole from getting clogged by cream or solid particles. Liquid silicon nipple with Anti colic properties prevents the baby from swallowing any air along with the feed.

WBS is No.1 in Diapers in North Modern trade, No.3 in Diapers All India and No.2 player in Baby Soaps All India.*  

*As per ORG data Dec 08.

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