Wipro Smartlite- Your Household Savings Account

For almost a decade now, Wipro Smartlite has been one of the leading Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) brands in the country. Wipro Smartlite CFL’s are manufactured at Lighting factories in Mysore, Karnataka and Waluj, Maharashtra using cutting-edge technology to ensure superior quality and minimum defective rates in the CFL’s. Further, the lamps are carefully checked according to Wipro's stringent quality processes which explains why Wipro Smartlite is today the fifth largest CFL brand in India*.

Created to be efficient and economical, Wipro Smartlite is literally a ‘savings account’ for an Indian household. Compared to incandescent bulbs, it consumes 5 times less energy, thus cutting down the electricity bills significantly. And what’s more, Wipro Smartlite CFLs last 5 times longer than a bulb.

Wipro Smartlite CFL is available in a variety of wattages and colours to suit all your lighting requirements. The wide range of CFL’s include 5w to 23w plain and 15w to 23w Twisters in Retrofit. Range also has high wattage CFL’s upto 85w in Retrofit. Non Retrofit includes CFL’s from 9w to 36w. Both Retrofit and Non Retrofit CFL’s are available in Cool daylight as well as Warm White colours.  

*As per leading independent retail audit data

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