Enchanteur. The fragrance of French romance.

For centuries, romance has flourished in beautiful France, lovingly practiced by the sophisticated French. In May 1989, we painstakingly designed a lingering fragrance that would be symbolic of French romance – Enchanteur Eau De Toilette. With its successful debut in the Malaysian market that year, Enchanteur ensured that romance would never be the same.

Now an international range of perfumes and personal care products, Enchanteur is currently available in 36 countries, and was launched in India one year ago.
With a product range that spans EDTs (Perfume), Perfumed Talcs, Body Mists, Roll-On Deodorants, Hand and Body Lotions, Shower Gels and Liquid Hand Soap, Enchanteur is here to mesmerize your senses.

When romance has so many facets, why not Enchanteur?

Enchanteur comes to you in two distinct yet equally unforgettable ranges: 

  • The Romantic range, with sweet and floral-fruity notes. For when you are sweet, cheerful and confident.
  • The Charming range with floral, powdery notes for when you want to feel classy, elegant and sophisticated.

Embark on a romantic journey of your own. With Enchanteur.

Drop a little French romance in every part of your day. By using different Enchanteur products with the same essence.  
Leisurely begin your day with the Enchanteur Shower Gel. Nourish your skin with Enchanteur Hand and Body Lotion and pamper it with satiny Enchanteur Talc. If you’d like to stay fresh all day long, spray Enchanteur Body Mist or use the Enchanteur Roll-on Deo and then put the finishing touch with Enchanteur Eau De Toilette. Using different products from the same range this way is called ‘layering’. And it ensures that you smell better for longer.
Once you’re out and about during the day, treat your hands with care. Wash them only with Enchanteur Liquid Hand Soap and ensure they stay soft and fragrant.

One memorable fragrance. Different products.

Enchanteur Eau De Toilette (EDT)
A long-lasting perfume, the EDT’s unique French notes are designed to bring out the best in you. Spritz it at pulse points like the inside of your wrist and behind your ears, let your natural body warmth give radiate the fragrance of French Romance all day long. Available in a 50ml size, in both Romantic and Charming ranges.

Enchanteur Body Mist
Bring a touch of French romance to your packed day. With the luxury of Enchanteur body mist. Just spray it on, and stay confident all day, no matter how much you do. Available in a 75ml size, in both Romantic and Charming ranges.

Enchanteur Perfumed Talc
Enchanteur Talc is a fine talc that leaves your skin feeling satiny smooth. Perfumed with French fragrances, this talc adds a shimmer of romance to your day. Available in sizes of 75g, 125g, an 250g in both Romantic and Charming ranges.

Enchanteur Deodorant Roll on
For the days when you’re extra packed, we present Enchanteur Deodorant Roll-On. A unique quick drying, non-sticky formula with anti-bacterial agents to prevent body odor, Enchanteur gives you that fragrant French edge that helps you get through your hectic 24 hours.
Anti-Perspirant, Whitening Roll-on, available in a 50ml size, in both Romantic and Charming ranges.

Enchanteur Perfumed Hand & Body Lotion
Indulge your skin. With Enchanteur’s Hand & Body Lotion. Specially enriched with emollients to soften and moisturize your skin, this lotion is non-greasy and completely effective in keeping you fragrant and fresh all day.
Whitening Hand and Body Lotion, available in sizes of 250ml and 500 ml, in both Romantic and Charming ranges.

Enchanteur Perfumed Shower gel
Rich, foamy and luxurious, Enchanteur Shower gel has moisturizing ingredients that leave a a protective moisturizing film on your skin, while perfuming it gently. Think of it as your daily indulgence.
Available in sizes of 250ml and 500 ml, in both Romantic and Charming ranges.

Enchanteur Liquid Hand Soap
Pamper your hands even while you’re washing them. With Scented Enchanteur Liquid Hand Soap. A rich, creamy liquid that gently, yet effectively cleanses hands, Enchanteur Liquid Soap is enriched with moisturizers to protect delicate hands.

Available in a 300ml size in both Romantic and Charming ranges.
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